Some extra songs

I was looking for music for the service on Sunday. Neither of these are on YouTube, so it would make things more complicated for those watching to include them. However, I thought I would share anyway.

They are both from the Thy Kingdom Come resources site. Worth a look as there are loads more there.

Daily Worship from Taizé

There are so many possibilities at the moment for joining in worship online. As well as joining us here each week, why not join some other forms of worship that may not be quite so familiar?

One great source of spiritual comfort for me at the moment is the daily evening prayer from the Taizé community in France. Usually, at this time of year, there would usually be well over a 1000 young people praying together in the main church there. Now, the brothers are the only people praying there, looking back to their community origins during and after WW2. They have divided their community into households of about 10 brothers. Each day one of the groups leads prayers which are streamed live on their Facebook page.

To join them live, go to this page at 7.30pm UK time and look for the videos section. Or you can watch a previous evening prayer any time.

What to expect?

We have used Taizé chants in our worship so you will probably be familiar with the short repetitive phrases of music. There will also be a psalm, passages of scripture and some brief prayers. There will always be a time of silence lasting around 5 minutes.

Initially, you might find the variety of languages surprising. During the course of a half hour of worship, there may be a dozen or so languages used – in the songs, the bible readings and prayers. English is always used for some parts of the service. Often a prayer or bible verse will be repeated in multiple languages.

You can find the latest order of service if you want to follow along here. This will give you links to the words and music for the songs and also more of an idea of what is being said.

Over the years, I have learned so much about prayer from the community at Taizé. It is this form of worship I turn to when my head is full of anxious thoughts and I crave solitude and peace. This is medicine for the soul, which is particularly needed in these anxious times.