Holy Week

Holy Week is so different this year. One of the things that I am finding really inspiring is the sheer amount of Christian stuff out there being offered for anyone who wants to see it.

One of the places I love most is the Taizé community in France. Their holy week reflections this week have been short oases of calm in the day. Here’s the first three and there will be more along later in the week. Go to their YouTube channel to find them.

Palm Sunday with Brother Paulo

Monday of Holy Week with Brother Émile

Tuesday of Holy Week with Brother Jasper

Something very different that I am looking forward to next week is Spring Harvest at Home. I have never been to Spring Harvest, which happens every year around Easter time, but I have heard lots about it over the years. I’ve never been confident that I would fit in there – I need a lot of quiet alone time to get through the week and it sounds quite energetic (I may well be wrong about that – it’s funny the excuses we make for ourselves, isn’t it). Still, there is safety in being at home on the other end of an internet connection, so I will dip my toe in the water and see what happens.