The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have suspended public worship during the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and instructed us to keep church buildings locked.

Although I am unable to welcome you to join together for services, I welcome you here to this site, where we can hear the Word of God and worship in our own homes.

Revd Liz

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  1. This is great Liz- thanks for all your effort to get it done for Mothering Sunday. We look forward to “going to church” in our living room tomorrow!

  2. First time I’ve enjoyed a church service from the comfort of my own bed, it was great! Thanks Liz! I’ll head up to church later and have a solitary blast on the organ to keep in practice.

  3. Thanks Liz. Look forward to more ‘church at home’. Will definitely help get through the coming months especially when isolating.

  4. Another lovely service, Liz. We enjoyed hearing your sermon on Spotify. We also really enjoyed singing the parts in the last hymn (and thankfully no-one could hear us!)
    Thank you for your efforts to produce this, and to Liz C for the prayers.

  5. Thank you for your April 3rd thoughts Liz – we’re going to have such an amazing celebration when we can meet physically again! Meanwhile you are helping so much to keep us together – both across the isolation and in our heads. God is here, his Spirit is with us.

    1. Thank you Sian. I am so looking forward to being back together in person. While I was putting together the service for Sunday and seeing all the groups of people standing and singing, it was very emotional.

  6. Thanks for all the hard work Liz and all! We really enjoyed the service. It was lovely you see everyone. Take care and be safe.

  7. Thanks Liz, that was a wonderful service. It was so good to have your voice in our living room. Jane has just fetched the mini eggs so we imagined you were giving them out.

    1. Enjoyed the service again this morning.
      It was lovely renewing our baptismal vows together on the sofa as it was 22 years ago today since Daniel’s baptism.
      Daniel and Fiona

  8. Thanks Liz for being so creative in the construction of such a meaningful service and thank you Stephen for your gentle words.

  9. Lovely to see everyone looking so bright and cheerful!
    Thank you Stephen for the sermon this week.
    I loved the Dr. Seus style poem from earlier in the week and the musical selections are always varied and uplifting.
    Thanks to all for the effort that you put in every week. I love being in church for services but there is also something very special in being able to be part of the service whilst looking out on to a beautiful day, nature at its best this morning!

  10. Great montage – thanks for including Clover – fabulous organ playing from Ian, what a treat to hear that.
    Good to hear Stephen too and the Taize choir was very moving; all those countries and all those young people reminded me that we are a part of something much bigger – huge and irrepressible.

  11. Thank you Liz for helping us all to be together in spirit. Guy’s reflection was especially uplifting in these times and gave us a way forward once we come through these challenges.

  12. I’ve taken part in an afternoon service today, it did feel a little strange but nice to have the flexibility!
    Thank you Guy for an uplifting sermon, it’s good to hear different voices and thoughts.
    In the future, to be able to offer an online service to members of the congregation who, for whatever reason find it difficult to attend church, would be a good way forward I think.

  13. Thank you Guy. I found your voice very similar to David Suchet’s! – very reassuring and calming.
    I loved the prayers too.

  14. Thanks Liz for enabling us to see you as you lead us, for your words and prayers. The birdsong was a wonderful reminder of God’s creation. Look forward to seeing you for coffee, decaf of course!

  15. I’m rather late accessing the service today and wasn’t able to join the zoom coffee session, I hope it went well!
    I enjoyed your outside service Liz, the birdsong was lovely. Thank you also to Hugh and Jane for the readings, a variety of voices is always nice.

  16. Sorry I missed the coffee, it was rather a busy family day. The service was beautiful, the birdsong made me wish we could have outdoor services more often! Thank you Liz for your hard work.

  17. Many thanks Liz. We enjoyed the music, especially Maddy Prior, and seeing and hearing Roy on this special weekend. Thank you, too, for your words and all your hard work.

  18. Thank you again for this week’s service. It was lovely to both see and hear Roy and after the service had finished I also listened to his own recollections of VE day. I am now going to boil the kettle and attempt to join people for the zoom coffee!

  19. Thanks again. Great to see you outside in the sunshine on Rogation Sunday and thank you for speaking more slowly!

  20. Lovely service again today and thank you to all who have put it together, it must have taken a lot of time!
    Last week I had problems getting the service but today all went well. I do enjoy the zoom coffee session, it is so good to see everyone!

  21. Thank you for the service Liz. I didn’t manage to listen to it till the afternoon but then did so in the garden which was very pleasant and uplifting. Sorry not to join you for zoom coffee this week.

  22. Enjoyed the service again this week. The intercessions from Sian were very appropriate to our current situations.
    Enjoyed sharing zoom coffee once again!

  23. Thank you Stephen for our service this morning, for your thoughtful words and the careful selection of hymns and prayers that made your words even more meaningful.

  24. Thank you to everyone who contributed to June 28 worship (on the screen and in the technical department) – a great joint effort

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