Distributing the monthly Village Link magazine

We are all accustomed to delivering flyers and other post round our villages. During the Covid-19 outbreak, the Church of England guidelines specifically advise against delivering paper door to door:

Some Studies suggest that Coronavirus COVID-19 can live on paper and cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours, and so any paper delivery represents a transmission risk. Local hand-deliveries also mean a volunteer will touch gates and postboxes and may come into close proximity with those who may be shielding. For these reasons, parishes are encouraged to look to digital communication, and telephone calls to keep in touch. The Government has designated postal workers and delivery professionals as key-workers, so any vital printed communication should be sent through the post.

While we continue in lockdown, we will keep to this rule, hoping that rules can be relaxed within the next few weeks. The last thing I want is for our churches to be responsible for spreading the virus within our villages.

This means that we have to look at more creative ways of contacting people. In particular, we need to try and get a monthly magazine with a circulation of 600 to as many of the people who normally receive it as possible.

You can find a copy of the magazine here. Please forward it to friends and neighbours who you think might not be in contact with me.